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6-Piece Canning Kit

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Make canning easy with the 6-piece canning kit. Includes magnetic lid lifter, wide-mouth canning funnel, jar lifter, jar lid wrench & kitchen tongs. Plus, make the most out of your canning kit with the included recipe book, featuring color photos and easy-to-follow directions.

$8 each when you buy 5 or more!

Magnetic Lid Lifter
Canning Funnel
Kitchen Tongs
Jar Lid Wrench
Jar Lifter
Recipe Book

  • Magnetic lid lifter removes sterilized canning lids from hot water for easy jar placement
  • Canning funnel features fast-flow design for wide & regular mouth jars
  • Kitchen tongs have sure-grip handles, letting you tackle a multitude of canning tasks
  • Jar lid wrench easily removes jar caps plus screw-on lids of any size
  • Cushion-coated jar lifter safely removes hot jars from canner
  • Recipe book includes easy-to-follow instructions with color photos
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