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Copper Chef Crumby

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There’s no need to get out the big vacuum for a little mess. Crumby, the cordless, lightweight mini vacuum that fits in your hand, can be used anywhere: on the counter, floor, or rug – even in the car! The powerful 12,000 RPM Micro-Vortex Motor and Crumb-Busting Brush Bristles are great for cleaning up any mess. It’s compact and portable enough for easy storage anywhere you need it – the glove compartment in your car, a diaper bag, the kitchen drawer, or the office. Plus, Crumby is great for teaching kids to clean up their own messes. Once Crumby is full, simply pop it apart, quickly and easily remove the Fusion-Mesh Air Filter, and empty.


$8 each when you buy 5 or more!

1 Copper Chef Crumby

  • Fusion-Mesh Air Filter — Quick & Easy To Clean
  • When It’s Full, Just Pop It Apart And Empty
  • Works With 2 AA Batteries
  • The Lightweight, Handheld Mini Vacuum For Life’s Little Messes
  • Use Crumby Everywhere You Make A Mess: Counters, Floors, Rugs, Cars
  • Compact Enough To Keep Anywhere! Glove Compartments, Diaper Bags, Kitchen Drawers, Bedside Tables, At The Office
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